Physical Education

Our Staff: Ryan Maney, Carlos Perez, Marzarius "Zuke" Samon

During the Fall semester, students will be busy as we work through our curriculum. Students will begin working on the elements of the fitness tests. Each student will complete pre and post-Fitness Tests to determine their personal fitness growth from the beginning through the end of the semester. 

FUTURE LESSONS: Students can look forward to a variety of activities in our classes. The curriculum for the fall semester includes fitness, individual sports, team sports, and health.

Mid-Term Units: All students should have completed their pre-test for Fitnessgram. The Physical Education Department is using this data to guide student learning in their classes.

Please help your student be prepared for class by making sure they bring or wear lace-up tennis shoes, water bottle with a lid, and clothing that will allow them to move in our classes. If you have questions concerning this matter, contact your student's Physical Education Teacher.