Dress Code

Buncombe County School Board Policy 4316 states that each school must develop “guidelines that balance the needs for individuality with the needs of maintaining safety, orderliness, and good taste for the school community.”  Erwin Middle School believes that certain articles of clothing, while appropriate in casual settings, are not appropriate for the educational environment. We believe that adherence to our dress code policy helps to prepare students for future success.

To help students, parents, and faculty members understand what is an appropriate length for school the following guideline has been provided: if the student’s arms are placed beside the outer thighs, the garment is to be no shorter than the tip of the student’s middle finger. These guidelines are also posted on our school’s website.  

  1. Clothing will cover all undergarments, students’ backs, sides, shoulders, chest and stomach areas.  Pants will be worn around the waist. 

  2.  Students are not to wear any type of head covering including sweatshirt hoods, hats, toboggans while in the school building, unless for religious observances.  

  3. Students may not wear any garment or accessory displaying language or images (profanity, sexual suggestions/ insinuations, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bodily functions, ethnic slurs, slogans, or symbols) that are inappropriate for a school setting.     

  4. Any item deemed to be gang related will be subject to ban according to BCSB Policy #4328.  Parental notice will be given.     

  5. Pajama-like clothing, slippers and blankets are not permitted.  

**Administrators have final discretion of the dress code**

Buncombe County School Board Policy states “before being punished, a student who is not in compliance with this policy or a school dress code will be given a reasonable period of time to make adjustments so that he or she will be in compliance.” Violations of the dress code policy should be corrected as soon as possible. Students who are not dressed appropriately for the educational environment should be advised privately and will be given an opportunity to make corrections. 

It is the responsibility of all staff to monitor and address student dress code.  Students

shall comply with directions from any staff member in regards to this policy.