A Buncombe County free/reduced lunch application will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Regardless of previous status, everyone must reapply each school year. Free/reduced status will transfer between Buncombe County Schools. Students transferring from outside of Buncombe County must fill out a Buncombe County lunch application upon entering this school and turn it into the cafeteria as soon as possible.  

Families can also apply for free/reduced meals at

If students have an excessive cafeteria fine, the school nutrition office, along with the parents/guardians/students, will need to communicate and work together collaboratively to address the situation so that students are free to participate in school activities. The CAEMS School Nutrition Office is more than willing to help families based on their guidelines/procedures.

The intent is NEVER to embarrass/shame/humiliate any student or family; communication from the CAEMS cafeteria is expected to be confidential and respectful. Parents/Guardians are respectfully asked to contact Principal Steve Molinari should they have concerns and/or complaints so that he can efficiently and quickly address the needs for all stakeholders. The expectation is that school lunch accounts are appropriately addressed by both the school cafeteria and each family. 

  • Universal Free Breakfast

  • Regular Lunch - $2.75

  • Reduced Lunch - $0.40

  • Student Extreme Meal - $3.20

Students may bring money daily, or deposit funds (cash or checks) into their account in order to pay for their meals.  Payments may also be made through:

***NOTE - Students are NOT ALLOWED to do the following:

  • Charge any items in the cafeteria

  • Purchase a la carte items if they owe cafeteria fees