Bus Guidelines

Students are assigned to bus routes based on home address.  For the bus to pick up a student, the student must be at the bus stop prior to the bus’ arrival.  Allow the bus 10 minutes before or after designated stop time. 

Students are not allowed to ride other buses unless it is an emergency or a dual residency within our district.  If a student needs to ride home with another student both students need to turn signed notes from families in to the office at the start of the school day.  Bus changes must be made in writing, they cannot be made over the phone. 

When the bus driver reports instances of misconduct, the school will investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action.  The bus driver is in charge of the students while they are on the bus. The driver will respond to minor disciplinary issues. Major disciplinary issues will be dealt with by the school administration.  Students are subject to short term (2-10 days) or long-term (10+ days) bus suspension depending on the type of offense or frequency of misbehavior. Misconduct can result in a yearlong suspension from the bus.

All of our buses have been equipped to use video cameras and GPS. 

A student suspended from a bus cannot ride any Buncombe County School buses. The administration reserves the right to adjust this policy as situations warrant.  A school administrator may suspend a student from riding a school bus for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  1. Delaying the bus schedule. 

  2. Creating ANY distraction to the driver, including but not limited to: disrespect, playing, throwing objects, standing, fighting, smoking, using profanity, indecent exposure or refusing to obey instructions. 

  3. Being under the influence of or having in their possession tobacco, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

  4. Tampering with or doing damage to the bus (student/parents are responsible for damages).

  5. Refusing to meet the bus at designated stops or being in the designated second load waiting area.

  6. Unauthorized exiting the bus.

  7. Failure to observe established safety rules and regulations. 

  8. Eating or selling items on the bus. 

  9. Not riding the assigned bus. 

  10. Not going directly to and boarding assigned bus.