Attendance and Tardy Policies


It is important that students are in school every day.  Poor attendance is the chief cause of poor performance in school. 

If a student is absent they must turn a note in to their homeroom teacher upon their return to school.  The note must include the date(s) of student absence, reason, and parent/guardian signature. All absences are coded unexcused until the homeroom teacher receives communication from a parent/guardian.

Middle school students may only have a combined total of fourteen (14) excused and unexcused absences per school year. Any absences over 14 must be made up. Excessive absences may result in the school filing a truancy petition with the District Magistrate’s Court against the parent and/or student.

Students missing more than 14 days must attend one attendance summer school at a cost of $50 per session.

Students enrolled in Math 1 must meet the BCS high school attendance policy in order to receive credit for the course.

In cases of extreme attendance issues Clyde A. Erwin Middle School can require students bring doctors’ notes to excuse absences.

Students arriving after 7:50 must have a parent sign them in at the main office.

Students must be in attendance one half (1/2) of the day to be counted present for the day.   Students with over five tardies are in violation of the discipline policy.   

To be eligible for Perfect Attendance status for a nine-week period a student must have zero absences and no more than four combined tardies or early sign-outs, excused or unexcused.