As a member of the French Broad Conference, teams compete in: football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball, track, golf, and cheerleading. The opportunity to be a member of these teams is open to all students. Tryouts will be conducted at the beginning of each season and participating students should attend all tryout sessions.

For up to date information about tryouts, practices, schedules go to the Erwin Middle Athletics webpage found at:

Before a student athlete can participate in workouts or try outs they must have:

  • physical examination on file

  • Family ID completed

Information about both is available at the bottom of the Erwin Middle Athletics website.

Before the first athletic event all team members must pay a one-time fee for athletic insurance and transportation charges.  This fee is paid once per year regardless of how many sports your student participates in.


A student must meet academic and attendance standards to participate in athletics:        

Academic Eligibility

Academic Eligibility ......


Behavior Eligibility