News & Notes

Getting Started: 

Please wear clothing and shoes that allow you to participate comfortably.

Virtual PE grading:

Virtual PE grading will be divided into 2 categories: Participation and Assessments.
Our PE grading system here at Erwin Middle School may be slightly different than other classes you may have in that every student begins each 9 week grading period with a total of 100 points in each category. We utilize a point deduction system. Every week is worth a total of 10 points. The breakdown of points is below:
Participation = 5 points
Assessment/Checkout = 5 points
Total = 10 points

If you accomplish both categories daily then you will not have any points deducted for the week. However, if you do not accomplish one or both categories then points will be deducted from those associated categories for the week. For example: If you complete the assessment/checkout but you chose not to participate in an activity, a total of 5 points will be deducted from your grade in the participation category but you will not loose any points from the assessment/checkout category.

Here at Erwin Middle School the PE Department simply asks you to try your personal best. As long as you are participating, maintaining good class etiquette and giving your personal best effort to complete any assessments/checkouts then you will not have any points deducted.
Remember, we just ask that you give your personal best!

*Your PE grades will be on PowerSchool. Therefore, you can keep track of your PE grade via PowerSchool.