Virtual Days 2020

Hello Parents/Guardians/Students!

We find ourselves in very strange and unprecedented times here in Buncombe County Schools, and we hope to relay the most accurate and timely information possible to you and your family. Below is some important information about my classroom in the virtual days that we will be experiencing over the next two weeks.

Office Hours/Contact Info: 

My regular office hours will be from 8:00 AM--1:00 PM. During that time it is best to contact me via email: I am often available outside these hours, so please just reach out if I can be of any assistance to you or your student.

Google Classroom: 

I use Google Classroom regularly with students in the classroom, and this will be the platform through which I deliver content. Below you will find the appropriate codes for each class. Your student should already have their Language Arts Google Classroom activated. In addition, I have also posted the Counseling/Community Services Google Classroom code should you require their services. 1st Block: np545a3 3rd Block: 6z2scoe 4th Block: e76ngyy 5th Block: ugcecpl Counseling/Community Services: c7vobrn