School Supplies

Students need the following things for Social Studies every day in class:
One 1.5 inch binder with pockets.  NO TRAPPER KEEPERS or ZIP BINDERS - Required
One package of 5 divider tabs - Plastic are best - Required 
One package of pencils - Required
Two glue sticks - Required 
One handheld pencil sharpener
Homeroom students - please bring:
Boxes of Tissues
Disinfectant Wipes such as Lysol or Wet Ones
One package of individually wrapped candies
Suggestions to help your student:
Green Homework Folder
Pencil Pouch or keeper
Colored Pencils
Extra Glue Sticks
Headphones or Earbuds (Not BLUETOOTH capable)
See Example of required Social Studies Supplies below!
  School Supplies - Social Studies