Education Links

Link to Constitution

iCivics Webquest Link

Constitution Day Extra Resources

Holocaust Link

World War I practice

Use the link below to help you understand WW-I!

Ed Games 3!

Woo!  Geography is cool!

Ed Games 2!

World Geography Games!



Ed Games!




Imperialism Links

Use these links to familiarize yourself with Imperialism in Asia and Africa.

Imperialism Links

Use these links to help you understand the beginnings of Imperialism in Africa and Asia

Industrial Revolution Webquest

Use this link to answer all the questions on the website and play the games.  Some may work and some may not.  Be patient - it will be okay!

7th Grade Social Studies Benchmark Exam

Use the link below to access the 7th Grade Social Studies Exam.  Answers will be submitted using google form.  You may only submit your answers ONE TIME.

Economic Types

Use the link to help explain the 4 economy types and and advantage/disadvantage of each.

French Revolution for Students!