Holt, James - Project Lead the Way

Welcome to my Classroom

James W. Holt Jr.
[email protected] 
I know that I have emailed all of my students and if I have had you in class before don't worry about this email.  If you have been assigned to my classroom for the last nine weeks here is our Google Classroom sign in.  My times that I am going to have what they call office hours will be from 9:30-11:00 and 2:00-3:30 if you need any type of help at this time. If we have a live feed I will let you know how this will happen if we do not we are able to chat through the classroom or through my email.  Make sure that you log on every two days for the new assignments since you are an A day or B day student.
Google Classroom for 8th Graders code is: qzaa3hp
Google Classroom for 7th Graders code is: nbkuvqz
Counselors Google Classroom code is:   c7vobrn