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Hello My Name Is...

<Mr.  C. Hobbs MEd, MFA >

<Hello everyone!!!! This will be a crazy time but I truly believe we can do it, and still have a meaningful art experience. I have set up a Google Classrooms for each grade and invited every one on my roster to date. If you were not invite please join 
 the access code for google classroom can be found google classrooms :

Hobbs' Art class 7th Grade :// Access Code: wdqqkmk
Hobbs' Art Class 8th Grade :// Access Code : x37xve7

Also Follow me on Instgram for live chat and daily  help for projects
Follow me @ hobbsartclassems
Office Hours : 9am- 12pm and 2pm to 4pm  M - F 
Live Chats will be @ 11:30am -12pm  and 2pm- 3pm M-F

Thank you WARRIORS !!!!!! >