News & Notes


The 49er's team collects the recycling around the entire school every Friday afternoon. This helps the students with job skills and responsibility. The students sort through and separate the cardboard, bottles, and paper into different bags. This is something the students really enjoy that gets them up and moving around.


Jewelry Sales:

The 49er's team works throughout the year making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We have two big Jewelry sales, one around Christmas and the other around Mother's Day. The money that we earn from the sales goes towards payment of field trips and classroom supplies.



The students bake cookies for the students/staff once a month, usually on a Friday. They will bake and bag the cookies. The student's also deliver the cookies around the school. Through this, the student's learn cooking, job, and life skills. They practice appropriate sanitation skills and clean up methods. The money earned from this also goes towards payment of field trips and class supplies.