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Ms. Lindsey Costner is originally from the Charlotte region and is a proud NC Teaching Fellow and Western Carolina University Catamount!
  At WCU, Ms. Costner earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Music Education with a concentration in Instrumental Music and Percussion.

Ms. Costner has performed in various instrumental and choral ensembles including Western Carolina's Chamber Choir, Pride of the Mountains Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and chamber and pop ensembles including Electric Soul, Gamelan Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble.  Ms. Costner's primary instruments are percussion and voice, and she enjoys playing "kit & keys" in the community, accompanying choirs, and working with local percussion programs.  She most loves to play piano and guitar and is always eager to learn new instruments, like the ukelele!

Outside of school, Ms. Costner enjoys spending time being outside, kayaking and hiking, reading, coffee and cooking, live music, and playing with her dog, Ellie.