Carter, Amanda - 7th Grade Science

Ms. Carter  

Ms. Mandy Carter
Erwin Middle School
7th Grade Science
  Ms. Carter loves science and encourages students to develop inquiring minds, problem solving skills, and knowledge about the natural world. 

She has been teaching science and math for a total of 12 years at Erwin Middle School, Asheville Middle School, and East McDowell Junior High School. She came to Erwin Middle in 2008 from the Center for Diversity Education at UNC Asheville where she served as the program director. 

Ms. Carter graduated from James Madison University, where she attended on a volleyball scholarship, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Middle School Education.  When she is not at school, Ms. Carter loves spending time with her sweet toddler, bike riding, hiking, running, swimming, songwriting, and performing with her band.
Ms. Carter Ms. Carter the Musician
Ms. Carter the Triathlete