PBIS Matrix

 Erwin Middle School PBIS -  School Wide Behavior Expectations 
Expec-tation  Classroom/ Media Center Hallway Restrooms   Cafeteria Before/
After School 
Bus  Computer Lab/ Technology 
 Be Resp-ectful * Speak one at a time for good listening *Speak to others in a kind manner. *Allow for teaching and learning without interruptions,  *Keep hands and feet to yourself.  *Use appropriate language *Stay to the right. * Speak quietly * Follow teacher direction. *Maintain proper pace.  *Use appropriate language.  *Stay quiet. *Keep your hands and feet to yourself.  *Be kind to peers and adults. *Talk quietly and remain seated. *Use utensils and trays correctly. *Only touch your own food.  *Be Kind.
*Stay quiet. *Use appropriate language. *Keep hands and feet to yourself. 
*Use Appropriate language.  *Remain orderly and seated. *Respect driver, peers, and school property. *Keep hands and feet to yourself.  *Only use your device for your approved lessons.*Be kind online. 
 Be Ready * Be in your seat with necessary materials and ready to work when class begins. *Have an official red hall pass or signed agenda. *Have an official red hall pass or signed agenda. *Have lunch money and lunch number ready. *Go to your assigned area. *Listen to announcements. *Watch for your ride.  *Board your bus quickly. *Exit the bus at your stop in a timely manner.  *Have your device permission form signed and turned in.*Keep your device silent. 
 Be Respon-sible * Work during time provided *Complete and turn in tasks and make-up work. *Follow classroom rules.  * Keep your items with you.*Keep hallways clean.  * Use the bathroom for its intended purpose. *Wash hands with soap and water. *Keep bathroom clean.  *Get everything you need before you sit down. *Clean up after yourself. *Pay for what you take.  *Keep your belongings with you.
*Get all needed materials before going to your classroom or assigned area. *Know how you are getting home before you come to school. 
*Know your bus number.  *Know if you are first or second load. *Have an official signed note for any changes.  *Know where your device is at all times.*Only use your device in classrooms.