As a member of the French Broad Conference, teams compete in: football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball, track, golf, and cheerleading. The opportunity to be a member of these teams is open to all students. Tryouts will be conducted at the beginning of each season and participating students should attend all tryout sessions. 

Each athlete must have a physical examination by a doctor before being allowed to tryout or participate.  All students participating on any athletic teams must pay a one-time fee for athletic insurance and transportation charges, paid to the coach before the first athletic event. 


A student must meet academic and attendance standards to participate in athletics: Students can not fail two or more core classes each nine weeks report period or they are ineligible through the end of the next nine weeks.   

Students must be in attendance 85% of the previous nine weeks.

Se Students must have a completed and signed physical/participation packet on file.


  • ISS day of: no game or practice
  • OSS 1st offense: 2 game suspension after the return from OSS;
  • may return to practice after suspension is served.
  • Admin has discretion for any offenses where SRO is involved. 
  • OSS 2nd Offense-Off the team.