Camping Experience Leads to Many Memories

Camping Experience Leads to Many Memories
Posted on 05/05/2022
By: Breanna Hensley
BCS Communications Dept.

Camping season is in full swing, and students at Clyde A. Erwin Middle School had a first hand experience. Students and staff pitched their tents, and immersed themselves in the great outdoors at Lake Logan. For some this was the first time camping, and it was definitely one to remember.

“Sleeping was extremely difficult with the freezing conditions, but we still had a blast,” said seventh grade ELA teacher Ben Urfer. “The temperature dropped to 30 degrees at night.”

Despite the freezing temperatures students experienced a variety of activities like canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing an alpine tower, and team building games. At the end of the day the students were able to unwind and indulge in a classic campsite treat, s’mores. It was a wonderful opportunity for kids to unplug from the modern world and make new memories with friends.

“Establishing a connection to nature is beneficial to any individual,” explained Mr. Urfer. “The social struggles tied to the modern screen dominated world can be left behind. Students are free from the judgements and constant scrutiny they face while under the watchful eye of the internet.”

After the trip students found a new love and respect for camping. Some cannot wait to return to a campsite again, especially with their friends. Mr. Urfer says he is looking forward to the next camping trip, and creating more young explorers.

“Connecting with nature truly is a passion of mine,” Mr. Urfer said. “The experience was amazing. I hope to have this opportunity again with future students.”