1.  Please read the article "Who Was Richard the 3rd" on this website

2.  Complete the exit shapes for this article  (Facts I have learned, Questions I have...., and Connections I have made....) Enrichment/please use your "Blooms Revised Taxonomy" handout when you create your "Questions I have" shape)

3. How did   Leicester, North Carolina  get its name?
4. Want to know more about the Tower of London during Richard 3rds life?  click on this link Old World Tower of London / write something you learned about the past history of the Tower of London at the bottom of your exit slip 
5. Watch the "Virtual Tour of the Tower of London" Write one interesting fact that you learned about the Tower of London in 2015
  at the bottom of your paper.
7. Log onto Newsela, Read "Was Richard the 3rd a Bad Guy?" and complete the Newsela Article graphic organizer on the back of the
exit slip. 
8. Take the test for "Was Richard the 3rd a Bad Guy?" (remember that you can retake a quiz if you ask me to reset the quiz for you)
9.  Log out of Newsela and finish your research on your global explorer in Unit 3
10. Turn in exit slip at the end of the block