School Improvement

Erwin Middle School sets a plan for success each school year.  This plan is called our School Improvement Plan (SIP).  The School Improvement Plan provides viable information pertaining to the growth and academic success of all students.  We appreciate each of our stakeholders, and please know that you are an integral part of student achievement. 
We invite you to log in and view our SIP.
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Parents/Guardians:  We want to hear from you!  Please review our school's plan to improve both the school's performance grade and the school's growth score and provide any thoughts or feedback using the link below.  


The deadline to provide feedback is November 25, 2019.

You may also mail your comments to BCS Testing Department, 175 Bingham Road, Asheville, NC  28806.

SIT Members 

Steve Molinari - Principal
Andrea Britt - Asst. Principal
Courtney Dietiker - Asst. Principal
Brannon Aughe - 8th Grade Teacher
Kimberley Benson - Electives Teacher
Madeline Girts - 8th Grade Teacher
Raelene Goforth - 8th Grade Teacher
Janean Haggard - Media Center Coordinator
Jenna Kimlinger - 7th Grade Teacher
Gary McDermott - 7th Grade Teacher
Wes Plemmons - Electives Teacher/Parent
Rachel Reaves - 7th Grade Teacher
Jocelin Rosas - Community Schools Coordinator
Scherrie Vicks - Classified personnel representative

Meeting Dates    3:20 pm in the Media Center
October 1, 2019
November 5, 2019
December 2, 2019
January 7, 2020
February 4, 2020
March 3, 2020
April 14, 2020
May 5, 2020