Hobbs, Christopher - Art

Hello My Name Is...

<Mr.  C. Hobbs MEd, MFA >

<Hello everyone!!!! Welcome to a great new year at Erwin Middle. My name is Chris Hobbs and I am the new visual art teacher. Most of you will know me from Eblen intermediate as I was the former art teacher there for the last  five years. This is my 15th year in education and 6th year in the Erwin district. I love the Erwin community and my goal is to teach your student not only the joys of expression found through visual arts but also in themselves. I hope you will enjoy all the wonderful works of art your student will be bringing home throughout the year. I am committed to taking the students at Erwin to new artistic heights this year and excited to help my students excel and develop their own artistic talents. Thank you for your support and .....Goooooo WARRIORS !!!!!! >