Science - 7th Grade

  • The agenda below shows what is happening each day in Ms. Harwell's science class.  Each slide shows the goal for the day and the things we did in class to achieve the goal.
Microbiology and Cells Unit:

Physics Unit:

Weather Unit:



  • Cells Review

Animal and Plant Cell - Thinglink


  • Photosynthesis and Respiration - Thinglink 

  •  Diffusion and Osmosis 

  • Protist 



  • Cloud Links

    UCAR Website

Read "Clouds and How They Form" - also check out the picture/diagram

Read "Cloud Types" an study the picture

Play the cloud matching game.

Other Sites

Play another cloud game. - This game you may want to play more than once.  Try to beat your time from the first round.

Another cloud matching game.

Cloud Type Quizlet - you need to play this in flashcard mode and quiz yourself