Counseling Office Information

***This year, any student can receive updates from our Student Services team via our Student Services Staff Google classroom. There will be updates and resources shared from Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Snider, Mr. Capps, and Mr. Reaves. Every student was given our code in their initial packet this year, but if you missed it somehow you can get our google classroom code by asking any of our counselors or our social worker.***

**If you need any food or other forms of assistance, please call or text the school social worker, Mr. Reaves, at (828) 777-1276.***

The mission of our counseling program is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that helps our students reach their potential. We are all master's level trained counselors. We work in conjunction with school staff, families, and community agencies to help students with personal, social, and academic needs. If you would like to contact your child’s counselor, please call the school at 828-232-4264.

2020-2021 CAEMS Counselors and Student Support Staff

Mr. Heath Capps: 7th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Jenay Wilson: 8th Grade School Counselor

Mrs. Rachel Snider: School Counselor (part-time)

Mr. Eric Reaves: School Social Worker (Attendance)
Reasons to Contact Support Staff

There are any number of reasons for children to seek out a counselor at school. The times that we live in can be difficult and stressful. Many personal and school-related problems have a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn. School counselors and support staff provide a safe and confidential environment for all students. Some reasons to contact student support staff are:
  • School Problems
  • Academic Concerns
  • Home Problems
  • Family or friend issues
  • Bullying behavior
  • Medical Issues
  • Attendance Concerns
  • Career Choices
  • Assistance with school supplies, food, clothing, and other needs
  • Tobacco/drug/alcohol use
  • Connection to community support services
  • Academic problems
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Changes/transition

Support Services Offered

  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Peer Mediation
  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Planning
  • Connecting Families to Community Resources
  • School Transitions
  • New Student Registration and Orientation
School Counselor