Dobkin, Brook - 7th Social Studies

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Mrs. Brook Dobkin
I hope you enjoy all your classes this year, especially World History! Please see us if you have any questions.  I know we will have a fabulous year together!

Just in case you really wanted to know, I like plants, especially ones that flower, coffee, and buying things that I don't need from Amazon and Target !
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2021-2022 Google Classroom Links- please only add your class period
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Materials: The materials required for 7th grade Social Studies class are minimal but necessary for each and every class.  The following items are a requirement to have each day for class. 
Color pencils- if you don't want to use the class supply
Earbuds with wire
Tissues(optional)Bandaids (optional)

Listed below you will see the specific units that the 7th grade Social Studies classes will cover throughout the 2021-2022 school year:

 world Globe.png

Geography and Historical Thinking
Renaissance and Reformation 
Age of Exploration and Global Exchange 

Social Revolutions

Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment 

Political Revolutions

American, French, and Latin American Revolutions 

Economic Revolutions

Industrial Revolution



Cold War
Including positive and negative effects of globalization in modern society