C.A. Erwin Middle School Beta Club

The Clyde A. Erwin Middle School Junior Beta Club


 Jr. Beta Eligibility Requirements/Application Process (Grades 7- 8):

 Prospective members:

  • Must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA)of 3.6
  • Must maintain a behavioral record that reflects the morals of the National Beta Club
  • Must complete an application for membership
  • Must attach a copy of your last nine week’s report card; do not turn in the application without a report card. Applications will not be considered if a report card is not attached.
  • Must sign and date this agreement acknowledging acceptance of requirements
  • Enclose a check payable to CAEMS for $20. The fee includes the national membership fee.  Students need only pay national fee once for Junior Beta Club.  Students may participate in Junior Beta Club until the end of their ninth grade year.


Joining the Junior Beta Club:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements


  • Sign rules and requirements
  • Attach report card
  • Pay dues – First year members: $20 this includes National/Local Membership Fees


 Once you become a member, you will be given the opportunity to attend meetings, participate in fund raising and service projects, and possibly attend the convention. All cannot attend the convention; remember we take the members with the highest service points. Points are accumulated on an individual and group basis.  As a member of Junior Beta Club, you, as a citizen of a community, state, and nation promise to believe in and strive to promote the principles of:

HONESTY                    JUSTICE                     SERVICE                            

RESPONSIBILITY        CHARITY                     COOPERATION           
INDUSTRIOUSNESS                                       HUMILITY

Members are encouraged to become involved in community service projects. The National Beta Motto is “Let us Lead by Serving Others”. Please help to make this a positive, rewarding year in the National Junior Beta Club.


A Junior Beta can become ineligible if one of the following occurs:

  • A member earns multiple discipline minor and/or major referrals 
  • Does not maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.4 each nine weeks (a copy of your report card must be turned in each nine weeks to sponsors

Should a Junior Beta member become ineligible, he/she will NOT be allowed to participate in any off-campus activity, such as field trips or convention. Students will be put on probation if grades drop below a GPA of 3.4.  After one nine weeks term of ineligibility, the Junior Beta member will be dropped from the club if the grades have not been pulled up to a GPA of 3.4.