Team Information

Track Info

Spring 2016

Practice begins on February 22 to participate you must have a physical on file.  If you have not yet played a school sport this year you will also be required to pay a $40 athletic fee.

Once practice begins it will be every school day Monday through Thursday until 4:30 pm.  You are expected to be at all of practice every afternoon and to be picked up by 4:45.  You must get picked up at the track, no students are permitted to walk back up to school unless special arrangements are made with the coaches ahead of time.

Please bring athletic clothes (no jeans) and tennis shoes for practice every day.  It will be cold at the beginning of the season, it is important that you bring layers.  We will practice rain or shine, cold or warm, so come prepared each day.

The first afternoon (Feb 22) we will meet in the gym and go over dressing out and traveling to the track procedures.  Every practice after that you are expected to be in the gym dressed out and seated by 3:12.  If you are late you will run extra at practice.