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The Physical Education Department will continue to use FitnessGram for the 2019 - 2020 school year as an assessment tool for our students. This program encourages students to perform to the best of their ability and focus on continued personal improvement, not being at the top of their class.


FitnessGram is a group of health-related fitness items based on age and gender. A few of the tests students will complete are; 1-mile run, sit and reach, curl ups, and push ups.
Visit the FITNESSGRAM site to learn more about this program.
The acronym HELP is used to describe the philosophy of FITNESSGRAM and ACTIVITYGRAM:

Health and health related-fitness. The primary goal of both programs is to promote regular physical activity among all youth. Of particular importance is promoting activity patterns that lead to reduced health risk and improved health-related physical fitness.

Everyone. FITNESSGRAM and ACTIVITYGRAM are designed for all people regardless of physical ability. They are intended to help ALL youth find some form of activity that they can do for a lifetime. Too often activity programs are perceived to be only for those who are "good" rather than for all people.

Lifetime. FITNESSGRAM and ACTIVITYGRAM have as a goal helping young people to be active now, but a long term goal is to help them learn to do activities that they will continue to perform through out their lives.

Personal. No two people are exactly the same. No two people enjoy the exact same activities. FITNESSGRAM and ACTIVITYGRAM are designed to personalize physical activity to meet personal or individual needs.