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Some of these sites require user names and passwords.  Please contact your child’s teacher for log in information.
Photos For Class
It is not always possible to take a picture or find a public domain picture that is appropriate for a project. In those cases, a search for Creative Commons-licensed images through a tool like Photos for Class is a good tool for students and teachers to use. 


Academic Integrity

New York Times article on recent cheating scandals and ways parents and schools can enforce real academic progress. Interesting examination of the ways students view the grey areas around collaboration and parental assistance.


Age of exploration thinkquest

American Revolution





Use your integer skills to sink the ships!


CMP text book online

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CNN Student News


CNN Student News Blog


Discovery Education for Parents

Discovery Education offers a wide variety of free family resources that you can trust to provide high quality, relevant material for you and your children. We invite you to take a look at our family activities, contests and a wealth of other resources that are vetted by Discovery Education and uniquely designed with parents in mind."


Discovery Science Techbook


Internet 4 Classrooms

Fun language arts games! Have some free time and want to work on your language arts skills? Try out some of these fun review games!


EOG Practice

Sample questions from the state.


Manga High

A FREE games-based math teaching resource


Fun math games

Fun games to sharpen your skills


More EOG quizes

Good quizes for the EOG



Science experiments


Introduction to Programming

Can't convince your kids to step away from the screen? How about harnessing some of that screen time to teach them an incredibly valuable skill: programming? This review from Wired magazine recommends the book Super Scratch Programming Adventure. It is aimed a bit younger than my students, but if your child has no prior experience, it might be a perfect way to introduce the logical progressions required to understand how computers "think."


History Channel


Library of Congress


Math Concepts

Several powerpoint presentations that explain many math concepts


Math worksheets for practice

Use this link to open all types of worksheets for practice. Get instant feedback.


NASA for Students

"Games, Homework Topics, Career Corner" and more!


National Archives


National Museum of American History


NC WiseOwl

A good place for academic research


North Carolina Museum of History


Ocean Lab

Spend a week at Ocean Lab immersing you in the fantastic field of marine biology. Explore the biodiversity of the ocean, from the tiniest microbes to the largest whale, and discover some of the key species inhabiting our coastal waters, including sharks, sea turtles, whales, and local fishes. Learn about the important role that ocean chemistry, geology and physics plays in supporting marine life while conducting field studies in that great big outdoor lab we call an ocean."




Playing with Your Math

How Nerf Became the World’s Best Purveyor of Big Guns for Kids (Wired Magazine) - A look behind the scenes at Nerf. Shows how physics, engineering, and design go hand in hand with making fun toys.


Practice for the EOG with these self quizzes.

This is a great site to practice for the EOG there are several quizzes listed by NC standard


Quizmine EOG practice tests

More good practice


Solving algebra equations

Having problems with one two and multi- step problems? Try this to work on the order of solving these equations.


TeenBiz3000 (Achieve3000)

TeenBiz is a differentiated online literacy solution for grades 6-8 that reaches every student at his or her individualized Lexile/reading level.  

Students in my class go to our 8th grade computer lab every-other Tuesday to utilize the program and increase their reading level.  Students are encouraged to extend this practice into the home and permitted to access TeenBiz at their leisure!


Virtual Manipulatives

All the fun of manipulatives without the glue, scissors and mess that goes with them


Word Within the Word

Word Within the Word (WWW) Flashcards and Review Games

Study word stems and meanings on computer flashcards.  Test your word stem knowledge with two review games.  

1.  Go to 

2.  Scroll down until you find the WWW list you need to study.

3.  Study the word stems and definition flash cards.

4.  Test your knowledge by playing "Scatter" and/or "Space Race". 



Play games, make flashcards, or take practice tests to prepare for weekly tests.


You got game? Integer Basketball


Youtube video on solving problems with tables, graphs, and equations

This Youtube video is aligned with Common Core standards and address the topic we are covering for the first few weeks of school

News In Levels
Choose a new article written at a level 1, 2, or 3.  The articles are current.